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8 Essential and Effective Marketing Skills for Any Freelancer


As a freelancer, marketing your business is going to be your primary activity for a while. The real way to market yourself is in a natural, professional, honest manner — show that you’re good, interact in a positive way, find ways to let people know about your services and talents without coming on too strong, and let your talents sell themselves. Marketing may not be your strongest skill, but there are many ways to market your business that don’t push the limits of your comfort zone. By focusing, learning and practicing following essential freelancing marketing skills, you can be a natural self-promoter and get more work than you actually need.
Keys to Freelance Marketing:

For many designers blogging is not only a way to communicate and share their ideas, but it is also a way to market themselves and their services. Having a blog will allow you to establish your reputation within the industry, plus it will help you to reach out to others that may be potential clients. Blogging has been instrumental in the growth of your business, and it is a good idea for any freelancers who have a long-term approach.

By far the best way to get yourself recognized is to connect with other people within the industry. You need to get yourself known amongst designers, developers, and webmasters all over the world. There are many different freelancers out there including graphics designers, illustrators, writers, marketers, and even programmers. When you have work to show it provides a jumping off point for getting your name linked around the web.

Some freelancers not only showcase work samples but also list their experience and specific skills, which helps the portfolio site to act essentially as an online resume. Offer a few words to differentiate yourself and a link to your blog if possible.

Business card:
Business cards are considered to be a necessary marketing tool since it accomplishes so many tasks at one time. Your business card is your introduction to potential, clients, and prospects. This is your opportunity to tell every person you come in contact with what you have to offer them in writing. Your goal is to keep your business card as functional as possible so you can reach as many customers as you can with your message.

Social websites:
Many designers not only use social networking as a way to communicate with others in the industry, but also to find work. This can be an effective approach for freelancers of all kinds regardless of your goals, although, of course, your goals will impact your approach. Social networking at sites like Twitter and Facebook can help to find new clients and to develop relationships with other professionals that may lead to referrals.

The Pitch:
This is used whether in email, in person, on a social website, or IM. You need to develop the art of making a pitch that doesn’t come on too strong. The key point is to understand what the potential customer needs or wants, and show how you are the perfect solution to provide that need or want.

The Close:
Once you’ve made the pitch, you could end it with a simple, “Get back to me if you’re interested.” But you might find that while people will react positively to that kind of conclusion, you will rarely end with any kind of business. You need to have a close, make a sell.

Details what products you are offering your clients. Info products can also be a terrific lead generation tool for your business. Customers who purchase your product may eventually become private clients. After their purchase, you can offer them specialized opportunities to work with you personally so you can give them additional support and guidance. Once they see the benefits of your expertise in your info product, they’ll understand the value of your private services and be more likely to buy in the future.


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