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How to Handle Different Clients – Tips to Become A Professional Freelancer


If you are doing any business you might have seen different kinds of client , mean different mind set of peoples, you have to deal with all nature of clients to run you business. Same things apply here on freelancing business, you will meet to different client,  and you need to satisfied them to get project form them. if you failed to satisfy them may you lose that client. Here are some tips to deal with different types of clients. It is necessary because clients are backbone of you business.

Since clients are the back bones of business industries, we work on making different strategies that that not only bring in the proper customers for pour business but also keep our old customers loyal to us. The level of our business is measured by the amount of clients that we acquire. If we have a large number of customers, our business will be considered to be successful, on the contrary if the business do not have the sufficient amount of customers it has no other option except shutting down its functions.

From all the functioning of business authorities and business jobs, the most important one is customer services that are made with the sole purpose of facilitating the customer and listening to the complaints if there are any among them. Further more the designs of our products and the way we conduct our business, the prices we set all such decisions are made after keeping our customers and their pleasure in sight.

In order to keep the customers happy in the business of freelancing here are a few rules that can prove to be helpful. The most important one is keeping your self cool. There are customers that can be very irritated and can just call and start shouting at you, well, you will have to wait unless they are not over with what ever they say. Once they are finished you can ask them about there problem. If there problem is solved significantly, despite of their irritation, they would prefer coming to you.

Since in online business we only have to receive the complaints via emails, and we do not have to face our customers directly, we should devote good amount of time in sorting out the problem of our customer and see carefully what can we do in order to solve out their problems.


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  1. It’s one of the difficult issues that freelance workers face. How do you get paid on time without chasing your clients too much and run the risk of upsetting them. In the back of your mind you are thinking that if you chase payment your client will stop using you right?

    In my experience I have found that clients really do not mind if you chase them for money as long as you are polite about it. Give them the chance to pay before you get heavy! One of the tips I would suggest is to contact them by email and title you invoice as a Kind Reminder. This lets them know that the invoice is due and gives them a chance to pay. They may have overlooked it. Some companies only pay when people chase. It may be wrong but everyone is trying to manage cashflow. Don’t be embarrassed about it. Your client understands and to be honest, they respect people who run a good business like they do!

    Make friends with the accounts person! It may sound funny but they are only people just like you and me. When they think about paying people make sure that you are liked and that when they think of you, they want to prioritise you above the other bills to pay.

    Thank people that pay you on time. Send clients an email thanking them for a prompt payment. It makes them feel good. They are more likely to pay you on time again just to get a nice email. Think about it, most people only contact them when they haven’t been paid right? Most of the communication that they get it from people complaining about not being paid. If you are one of the very few people that make them feel good, guess what, they will want to pay you!

    Remove the personal side from it. If you deal with the company owner try and get your partner to handle your invoices. Even if you actually do the invoices, get your partner to email them on your behalf. That way your client feels that it’s someone else that’s chasing and will not link you to the negative side of payment chasing.

    Lastly, if you really need cash now you may want to offer a discount to clients who pay you on time or even greater discount to clients who pay you early. Try not to think about this as loosing money. Remember it costs you every day to pay for things with your cards!

    I hope this helps, please share your comments for other people to get tips as well.

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